• 6 × 1 wax device to remove hair from the roots

This wax is one of the best devices for hair removal because it is integrated and contains six basic components for the removal of the best and fastest hair, which can be used for all parts of the body, contains two candles and wipes to remove the wax and special after removal, in addition to the same device and charger and its base.
How to use :-
- Clean skin well before using wax
- Then heat the wax by plugging the device with electricity and then test the wax heat on a small area of ​​the skin to make sure it is not too hot to avoid burning your skin
After applying the wax, place it on the skin in the direction of hair growth, then put on top of the hair removal paper with a little pressure also towards the growth of hair, and leave it a few seconds

- Then hold one of your hands on the skin and with the other hand, pull the hair removal paper quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, and you will notice the hair hanging on it

- You can not use wax more than twice the same area, if some hairs still visible, remove them by forceps, so avoid skin irritation
- Then use aspirin to soften the skin
Features: -
Delayed appearance of hair

Remove the bristles from their roots
Remove hair from all parts of the body and especially sensitive areas

A practical device that dispenses salons

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6 × 1 wax device to remove hair from the roots

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