• Slimming Belt West Blue Thermal

The belt is perfect for slimming and slimming the abdomen and waist area and is made of high ores

Quality is characterized as adjustable to suit different sizes

the use :-

Wrap around your waist tightly during exercise or at any time to help you

In the elimination of excess fat and water is ideal for weight loss provides support and protection of the back

Features: -

Excellent for abdominal tightening after birth
Eliminates unwanted cellulite
Helps to remove the effects of pregnancy and childbirth
Excellent for hiding under the dress and clothes
Luxurious and elegant design
You can use it while sitting, watching TV or working
It stimulates fat burning and helps to remove the stored ones
Helps the digestive system relax
It activates blood circulation and makes you feel warm and warm
Effective when wearing under clothes and doing regular household chores.

It can be worn during daily activities or exercise

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Slimming Belt West Blue Thermal

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