• Electrophoresis Slimming Belt vibro shape

Vibrochip belt works vibrations that lead to muscle movement

 Heavy aerobic exercise also has the thermal heating feature of the desired area

 The use of the device, which increases the speed of obtaining effective results for fat

the use :-

The Vibrocep belt is used for heat and vibration to stretch, loosen, loosen, and slim

All over the body it is also used to relax the body and muscles of fatigue and effort

You can add topical creams for weight loss while using a Vibrochip belt

 To the areas to be sharpened and melt fat

Advantages :-

easy to use

Activates blood circulation in the skin

Helps in the fight against water retention

Helps to get rid of the fat accumulated in any area of ​​the body

Keep away from hard exercise

Safe and can be used more than once a day

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Electrophoresis Slimming Belt vibro shape

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