• The device sweet remove hair from sensitive areas

A specially designed device specially designed to gently remove hair from sensitive areas with blades

Remove Do not touch the skin without leaving any wounds and results are ideal and easy to use

Wherever you are with a suede device, enjoy a soft razor and carefully identify your sensitive body parts

the use :-

The method of using the device is very easy, you can use it to prune your eyebrows very quickly especially

In family events by following a set of steps:
- Use a small head and add to the comb if you want to trim your eyebrows and then put

The device on your eyebrow and movement reverse hair growth
- Remove the comb and use the top of the selection if you want to identify the eyebrows by placing them

On your skin and push it towards the eyebrow smoothly

Advantages :-

Stylish and compact

Fast and cute

Do not cause any cuts or scratches

Get the best styling perfect for quick touches

Specially designed for sensitive body parts

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The device sweet remove hair from sensitive areas

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