• Slim And Lift Belt After Childbirth

It is a belt to tighten the abdomen and make it specifically to help you regain your belly

And remove excess weight after birth

the use :-

During pregnancy, many changes occur in the shape of your body especially the abdominal area,

Helps to restore your tummy tuck. Eliminate excess weight after birth easily

With this innovative belt no need for a sports club or special diets just wear it

It is called to work to rid you of extra weight in the abdominal area to complement the effectiveness of this belt

Advantages :-

Get a slim waistline and a lustrous body

Suitable for use after cesarean delivery

Absorbs any moisture and does not cause heat or sweating

Works to raise the chest and minimize the waist

It is compatible with the bodybuilder and never bothers you

Please select the desired size from the options available

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Slim And Lift Belt After Childbirth

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