PowerFeed is one of the most advanced devices used to improve erectile stiffness, delay time and increase volume over the years. It has become one of the most important causes of sexual fitness in men who suffer from sexual weakness with all its problems. Therefore, treatment is simple and permanent. Your sexual fitness is now with the PowerFeed hand-held device
Power Manual Hand Pump
It is a medical device of the first degree, of erectile organs, designed with care and high geometry, contains a cylinder with the user installed inside it with a manual pump to cause suction and create a vacuum chamber around the member, which increases the flow of blood inside and makes it upright and increases the size and Length
Works with a hand pump that works on the drag connected to the cylinder until the blood is pumped into the member and is used by the hands and a cone for easy installation of the ring
How to use :-
1 - erection occurs by putting the penis first inside the cylinder. When operated, the electronic pump motor slowly generates a vacuum environment by removing part of the air inside the cylinder.
2 - the amount of negative pressure, which occurs approximately 100-150 mm. This pressure leads to the blood flow to the physical bodies, both in the arteries and natural veins, and this blood is directed into the erection chambers. Thus, the penis becomes solid and erect.
3 - The device of treatment of sexual weakness and length is designed to create a limited amount and control of pressure. This slow generation of negative pressure prevents pain in the penis due to the rapid pressure accumulated inside the cylinder. Once achieved, erection occurs from the performance of the penis itself or from the ring helping the erection, which limits blood flow back into the penis
Why is the PowerVid handheld device?!
Maintains erection and delayed ejaculation for 45 minutes
Helps increase the member size and handles warp
Treatment of full sexual dysfunction
With its use, you do not need surgery or medicine
Activation of blood circulation in the whole region
Treatment of intravenous infusion of patients with diabetes, pressure and heart
It is completely safe and has no negative complications
A sport device for sexual health and used for people who are used to maintaining their sexual health
A final treatment for the extent of life and not as a result of time
Do you use PowerFeed as a therapeutic corset .. just before the relationship ?!
There are two ways to use PowerVideo
First Way:
It can be used without loops as daily exercises every day from 15 to 20 minutes once a day to activate the entire blood circulation of the penis
Which leads to an increase in length and size in less than two months and increase erection and delayed ejaculation
These results will be permanent and possible to dispense with the device completely after the exercise period
The second way: -
For an immediate result, the device is used before intercourse with only 10 minutes, helps you maintain erection for the longest period possible and delay ejaculation and gives you an increase in length and size
You can use both methods together
Here is a detailed explanation and explanation of everything related to the device from the idea of ​​the medical device - Different methods of use - Features and results - The difference between each device and everything that distinguishes it from other

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POWERFID Handwork for the treatment of men 's sexual weakness

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