• Orbitrack MAGNETIC 2 ARM

A comprehensive device to cut all parts of the body and strengthen the muscles of legs and arms
Where it works to move the whole body through the movement of the reverse of the hands and legs in the movement of walking
It also works to energize and straighten the body
the use :-
The device provides 2 positions for performing exercises
Through the paddles and moving arms to move the entire body in general
By means of paddles and fixed arms to focus on the lower part and buttocks
Through the chair and the replacement of the use of the device as a constant wheel of influence on the center and the sides
Features of the device:
Easy to move the device from place to place
 Helps to burn fat in a safe way and maintain the fitness and vitality of the body
Gives you a high fitness fitness and an athletic body
It gives you weight loss safely at home instead of going to the gym

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Orbitrack MAGNETIC 2 ARM

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