• Without German Zelden for slimming

Without zelden German to burn and break fat, if you suffer from the problem of weight stability and lack of burn rate, you can now rely on the Zelden points, it works to break the stability of weight and raise the rate of burning fat accumulated through the effective substance, (Berries) because of their role in improving the performance of stomach muscles and appetite and increase the rate of burning fat and carbohydrates.
the use :-
The package contains 30 ml enough for 30 days
Just put 20 points a day on half a cup of water after the food hour or you can put it divided into two doses 10 points after breakfast and 10 points after the food hour.
Advantages :-
Prevent fatty lumps in the body
Fracture of fat and fat cell wall
Increase the rate of burning in the body
Reduces body absorption of sugars and starches
Prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fat
Works to fill appetite

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Without German Zelden for slimming

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