With the new magic fat dissolving adhesive used for unisex will deposit / z fat in the easiest modern ways

And fast without excessive cost and without fat breakdown operations or other unsafe cosmetic procedures

Adhesive extracted from 8 kinds of Japanese herbs are safe and 100% effective due to its natural ingredients

Consists of (capsaicin), which works to lose weight and dissolve fat and get rid of cellulite

Caffeine also works to tighten the pains, increase fat burning and stimulate blood circulation

The adhesive helps you get rid of the rumen and slimming the waist

Can be used in any under garment and is a safe and licensed product from the US Health Authority

There is no damage from this sticker and is used for external use


How to use :-

The pack contains 5 adhesive strips and each slide is used once for the abdomen

Apply the sticker for 6 to 8 hours continuously, you can apply it during sleep

Before use, clean the skin thoroughly and should be dry and free of wounds

Leave the cord area empty

You can use one sticker every two days and after using 10 stickers you will notice the difference in the result

It is preferable to reduce the amount of food and walk a lot during that period


Advantages :-

Adhesives will help you lose weight and burn fat without the need for harsh diet

It works to slim the waist from 1 to 5 cm

Results appear quickly during the second or third week

It is characterized by the absence of any side effects because the components are natural and do not contain chemicals and use outside

It works to slim the waist and sculpt and get rid of excess weight

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MYMI Wonder Patch

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