• Shorts slimming and giving off Spanish fat Hot Chippers

Shorts slimming is designed by Spanish technology of smart fabrics and is a neotex material

Which leads to an increase in the temperature of the body, which helps to increase the basic race

More sweat during daily wear is a cloth from the smart fabrics that help

To increase the degree of body temperature and basic by practicing daily activities at home,

Sports, walking, jogging or any physical activity

the use :-

Shorts can be worn under the underwear daily with dieters

Healthy and healthy, and tighten and reduce the area of ​​the thigh and buttocks through sweating

Loss of fat body especially in the two regions, wash after each use and special

After practicing exercise

Advantages :-

Comfortable, flexible and easy to use

Loss of excess weight

Works to slim the waist, abdomen, and sides

It can be worn under inner garments daily

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Shorts slimming and giving off Spanish fat Hot Chippers

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