The best electric wheelchair and the easiest to move at all
Chinese tank chair with full year warranty against industrial defects, spare parts available to us as well as full maintenance
For the convenience of the patient and facilitate his life in general, chair easy to use simple
Mator and a stronger battery The chair is characterized by ease of use with remotes
It has different speeds, alarm buttons and an easy-to-use navigation control
Depending on the patient's right or north, with an inflatable calf resembling an Arab calf with hand brakes and self brakes in Al-Matar
2 mater, 2 battery lasts for 8 hours continuously, the charger has its own moving arms for easy transportation of
On the bed, the chair itself involves the ease of mobility and the entry of the Arab light weight for easy mobility solid bear up to 200
Kilo large size for special weights and medium size for narrow houses

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Electric Wheelchair

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