• Andr Enlargement Backstroke Bush Brazilian Secret

Shorts are specially designed to augment and lift the buttocks and tighten the abdomen simultaneously
 To give the appearance of sexy and attractive and magnifying the beauty of the upper part of the shorts
About Astik is a tummy tuck and sides to help tighten the tummy and back the sponge to get
 In the shape of an attractive buttocks and the most useful in the dresses, bracelets, shirts, sleep and joys where
Anh is made of good silk sponge to be a soft texture to keep away from internal scratches
the use :-
It is worn on the body directly does not affect anything on the body because it is made of raw materials
high quality
Advantages :-
Bush raises and raises the ass
Gives a sexy and attractive appearance
easy to use
Made from the finest materials

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Andr Enlargement Backstroke Bush Brazilian Secret

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