• Beauty skin For a clean skin free of blackheads

A natural device to clean the skin and suction of dead cells and dirt, it is a medical device that acts as a vacuum that expresses dead cells and skin cells of the skin and at the same time a gentle exfoliation on the surface of the skin.
the use :-
The device is encapsulated in what is known as the small crystals, and four different heads interchangeable tasks are built to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and large pores in the face and also helps in the rehabilitation of the skin tissue 1 - The head Almalsi: Helps to peel dead skin cells and suction 2- Small Oval Head: It is characterized by strong suction for weak dead cells and blackheads on the skin and delicate and quick-sensitive 3 - Oval head: reduce the wrinkles, after the completion of the cleaning used on the skin on the way of suction and removal in a sequential manner that helps to accelerate the circulation of blood and Healing 4-th Ring as large: the advantage of a large suction strongly black heads and jaw area of ​​the face. Just wash your face, wipe and dry it gently with a soft towel and press the power button on the device and then move it on your face.
Advantages :-
Removal of facial wrinkles and suction of dead cells
Clean the skin from fat and dirt
It does the work of the skin and its crust
Repair damaged skin from acne scars
Remove blackheads
Rejuvenation of blood circulation

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Beauty skin For a clean skin free of blackheads

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