• Wax machine to prepare and wax

Wax dispenser for removing hair by heating the wax inside it

Contains an additional aluminum container through a lid that prevents contamination of the wax

And has a button for operation and stop controls the level of heating and temperature,

It has a transparent cover that gives you the ability to see that Wax is not exposed to pollution

The wax is heated to remove unwanted hair

There are openings in the lid to exit the steam

the use :-

Before using, make sure your skin is completely clean
Place the wax in the heating pot and the appliance

Heat the wax for 20-30 minutes, then start to use
Test wax heat on a small area first, alone

Wax in the direction of hair growth on the area to be removed

Use your hand to press the wax well, remove the wax quickly

In contrast to hair growth trend

Advantages :-

Easy to remove the wax from the machine

Suitable for all types of wax

Helps to heat the wax well
easy to use

A practical device that dispenses salons

It prevents the heating of wax in normal ways

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Wax machine to prepare and wax

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