• Triple abdominal corset for slimming after birth

The postpartum abdominal belt helps the uterus return to normal

"It helps prevent postpartum laxity and makes you look thinner

Until the restoration of your skin and the advantage of this corset with the ability to tighten the tails and get rid of them,

In addition, it is made of a quality cloth that allows the air to pass into it, making it

One of the best types of postpartum. It is worn under the elbows and tightens the abdomen and buttocks,

In addition to back support and get rid of his pain

the use :-
The abdominal belt is used after childbirth from the first day but avoid using it during sleep
Features: -
Helps restore the appearance of flat abdomen and reduce abdominal fat.
Encourages the abdominal muscles to return to normal
Does not appear under clothing
Available sizes
Supports the bottom of your back
Helps to sit healthy while breastfeeding
Prevents skin tingling in the abdomen

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Triple abdominal corset for slimming after birth

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