• The brass bracelet of the bones

Brass bracelets for bone pain are one of the newest bracelets to eliminate back pain
Neck pain, rheumatism and increased body energy as it contains copper

Research conducted over decades has shown that copper contains antimatter

This is one of the characteristics of copper, which makes it an effective element in disposal

From different pains and aches, the copper decomposes material in the bracelet when interacting with body moisture

To allow copper to dissolve the body to benefit from it leaving a black or green effect on the skin,

Although this, the effect is significant and indicates that the copper material has moved from the bracelet to the sabone

And stabilized above the surface of the skin when increasing the amount of impact, it can wash the area containing

These effects using water and soap

Features :-

Prevention of cholesterol accumulation and blood purification

Stimulate blood circulation

Get rid of bone pain

Increase power, strength, flexibility and balance

Stimulation of the nervous system

Soothe the nerves and feel comfortable

Comfortable deep sleep and get rid of insomnia

Activate memory

Relieve the pressure

Strengthen the immune system

Increase blood alkalinity, which improves the absorption rate of food

Get rid of back pain, knee, neck, shoulders and agglutination

Disposal of electrical charges in the body

** To get the best results, always wear Sabona bracelets.

So many who wore it all the time had amazing results

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The brass bracelet of the bones

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