Non-back silicone braces or braces are worn on a coordinated and stylish chest

 It is attractive in that it is washable and reusable and has no other carrier

 Harmful to healthy skin and feel part of you due to the silicone texture and softness

Natural skin color is easy to wash

How to use :-

Clean the skin well before placing the cup of the ground then each cup is installed separately

And a plate in front of the mirrors in the position that suits you after the blending of the two cups

 Connect them to the baking tape and after the connection, a little pressure is placed on both cups

Features: -

 - The safest even in exercise

- Dresses can be worn under the dresses of the bracelet or the karina given

For there are no loaves

- Adjusts the size and makes the shape acceptable and large and flares tight

 To make you look attractive

- Used for more than 20 times

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Self-adhesive silicone band

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