• Full thermal sauna suit for body slimming

Is a suit resembling a astronaut's suit made of rubber, nylon, vinyl,

It consists of pants and jacket, and the principle of the work of this suit is the same when wearing

Excessive body heat, which causes excessive and excessive sweating of the person, acts as sweating

To dissolve the fat, leading to weight loss and with the exit of sweat with the toxins

And impurities in the body, improve and activate blood circulation; as a result of increased metabolic rates

This suit is easy to wear and move at any time, especially while working and moving

at home

the use :-

You can wear a thermal sauna suit easily and easily in the movement and not wasting your time

Where you can do your homework, wear it and wear it at any time

Even if you are exercising and you are wearing it

Advantages :-

Weight reduction

Remove grease accumulated on the body

Give flexibility and softness and not sweat

Bear the heat and humidity and save you the trouble of using the sauna

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Full thermal sauna suit for body slimming

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