• Massage Oil Romantic Night

Massage oil and massage is also used for husband and wife and can be eaten with taste and smell

It consists of natural oils that leave the aroma of the body wonderful

the use :-

Put the oil on the part to be done massage him and hands from the bottom to the top,

Move the hands in a circular way down for five or ten minutes using the rear

Hand only and make a circular motion to the middle of the back and for minutes. Place the hands above some

In order to squeeze the vertebrae and for minutes to move slowly from bottom to top,

Using the thumb finger with the help of the other hand and the same way on the other side

And for two minutes. Using the fingers of the hand are pressed back vertebrae down and upward,

Start from the bottom and for a few minutes put the forearms on the back and move the hands

Forward to vinegar and so on.

Advantages :-

Comfortable for the muscles of the body

It is distinguished by great edible flavors

Easy to remove from the body

Leave the smell of the body wonderful

Available all flavors and aromas

Suitable for ladies and men

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Massage Oil Romantic Night

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