• Hot Wax Hair Removal

Made of natural materials material that works to moisturize the skin clean and repair dead skin cells

the use :-

Before making use Make sure that the skin is completely clean Put the wax in the heating pot

The machine will heat the wax for 20-30 minutes, this type of wax needs to be heated

It is often used in beauty salons and is used to remove excess hair such as

Arm, foot, bikini, and also can be used to remove excess facial hair then start

To use a heat wax test on a small area first single wax in the direction of hair growth

On the area to remove the hair, use your hand to press the wax well and remove the wax

Quickly reverse hair growth trend

Advantages :-

It gives a distinctive smell

Does not cause any allergies

Skin softening

Suitable for all skin types

Clean the skin

Repair dead skin cells

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Hot Wax Hair Removal

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