• Hair oil for hair follicle to prevent falling

GADIL Oil Ingredients for Hair Loss by Abdul Samad Al-Qorshi
Castor oil: - Feel the structure of the hair and texture and color and length and activate the course

Blood in the scalp and penetrates into the hair is soft and moist.
Oil of watercress: - useful and nourishing hair, especially dry ...
Almond Oil: - Removes the crust of hair and prevents falling and gives hair strength, softness and softness
Coconut oil: - Balms and long hair prevents permanent sediment and restores the natural balance of hair
Sesame oil: - Strengthens the hair and nourishes the limbs and promotes the growth of new and current hair

And prevents fragility and bombardment of limbs
Live oil: - This helps the individual hair and lengthening and giving strength and gloss
Olive oil: It nourishes and activates and curls hair to ensure strength and elasticity of hair

And activate the scalp
Ginsbill oil: - known to protect hair from sun damage and harsh weather

Giving hair elasticity and softness with time
Mustard oil: - It is used to hair healthy and healthy and activate the sebaceous glands

It promotes blood circulation in hair follicles
- In addition to more than 30 kinds of rare natural herbs, which ensure

Natural food for hair, which increases its strength and effectiveness and reduce the thickness of the fish,

the use :-
The original jelly oil is used twice a week at most

On the hair dryer for an hour before washing

Features: -

Useful and nourishing for hair

Removes dandruff

Prevents hair loss

Provides hair softness and softness

Strengthen the hair cut and feed the limbs

Promotes hair growth

Helps individual hair and lengthen

Gives hair strength and luster

Nourishes and activates and straightens hair

Protects hair from sun damage and harsh weather

Prevents brittle and brittle hair

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Hair oil for hair follicle to prevent falling

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