• Fresh Look Cosmetic Contact Lenses (Annual)

A sophisticated annual cosmetic contact lens combines 3 colors in one color

Where it gives you a look that suits your taste

the use :-

Before touching your eyes or contact lenses, always wash your hands thoroughly with soap

(It is better to use antibacterial liquid soap and non-perfumed).

Wash your eyes thoroughly with water and then dry your hands with a towel with no hair.
It is best to always start by placing the lens in the right eye so that the lenses do not mix.

Check that the lens is not upside down. To adjust the direction of the lens, place it on the tip of your finger

And lift it towards the light, if the edges are facing out, they are upside down,

If the edges look as soft as a spoon the cup is ready to use.

Using your hands, lift your upper eyelid carefully and hold it gently so that it does not blink.
Lower your lower eyelid using the other fingers in the hand where you will place the lens.

Move the lens towards the eye steadily and calmly. Looking at the top may help you put it in your eyes.

Leave the eyelid slowly and close your eyes for a moment to allow the lens to settle in place.
Follow the same steps for the left eye.

Advantages :-

Add more natural beauty to your eyes

Makes your eyes look bigger and stand out

Convenient for eye and exquisite appearance

Do not cause any pain when used

Give a distinct view

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Fresh Look Cosmetic Contact Lenses (Annual)

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