• Electronic istick pico

Eistec Pico is the best attractive appearance with a small size, innovative and great performance
Giving you up to 75 watts of power and temperature control
the use :-
. Attention should be paid to removing and fitting the cut-off parts of the atomizer into the small cones
Sometimes in the limbs, because its function prevents leakage of flavor.
. Do not smoke the shisha if the level of flavor is reduced to the middle of the coel because
This causes dryness of natural cotton resulting in its combustion and will result
To diversify the flavor and change taste.
. It is recommended to change the coel within two weeks in normal or changing conditions
The taste from the usual color or flavored liquid turns dark after hours of adding it
To the Tank Tank and also when you watch the permanent leakage of abnormal flavor.
. Before using the new coel, the flavored liquid must be distilled directly into
Cotton and on the outside openings so that the cotton does not burn or less than its shelf life.
. Prefer not to leave the hookah horizontally tilted on the ground because it causes
Leakage significantly flavored on the bedspreads
Advantages :-
Attractive appearance
There are many colors
Easy to use
Light weight

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Electronic istick pico

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