• Cream to reduce the chest and buttocks

The cream contains a distinctive combination and natural work to tighten and reduce the chest and buttocks,

It contains a soy extract with special care, rich in resources, which are extracts

Alfalfa, Flavostrin, Genistein and traditional herbicides have the ability to control

Equivalent to women's hormones and balance and stimulate the reduction and tightening of chest and buttocks and raise them to the top

the use :-

Clean the skin surface of the chest and buttocks well with soap and then put an appropriate amount of cream on the chest

And the area of ​​the buttocks and a circular motion for five minutes to be absorbed and continue to absorb the skin

Full cream

Advantages :-

It has the ability to improve and treat the skin

Works on skin peeling and disposal of dead cells

Remove lines of wrinkles of the skin and scarring and relaxation

Help heal wounds quickly

Safe and easy to use

Tighten and reduce chest and buttocks

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Cream to reduce the chest and buttocks

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